January 27, 2009
By maggi ferguson BRONZE, Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
maggi ferguson BRONZE, Philipsburg, Pennsylvania
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Already There
Take a look around.
What do you see?
The people beside might be your future
Your best friend on one side
Your spouse in the next row
Maybe one day that nose picker in the back will be
a huge star.
That quiet girl in the corner will be a famous singer.
The person that always goofs off will be the lawyer on the billboards
Who knows?
See that girl and her brother?
Right there walking in the hall
Yes, they are quiet and don't have Hollister on
Not the best looking house.
They just might be something someday.
An actor or actress, teacher, diver, scientist maybe a zookeeper
Don't judge a book by its cover,
Turn it around
That summary on the back might hook you in.
With that you just might start to read it.
But, you worry about yourself
Everyone will be someone and you will be you cause
You're already there.

The author's comments:
i would like to start with, i love to write poetry. i mostly read them to my friends and my classmates i often write about the future stuff that will happen and have happen. i sometimes write about my pap that died and i never talked to him in over 3 years cause my parents split so i never told him i love him. i posted this and i continued to write only because he's here telling me too.

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