From Ocean to Stream: An Ode to Concerts

October 12, 2015
By Nonni.A SILVER, St. Peters, Missouri
Nonni.A SILVER, St. Peters, Missouri
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An ode to you,
the darkness
lit with the poetic sounds of life
flooding past the screaming ocean of a crowd
crashing into my soul
breaking down the barriers
no matter the size
and parting myself
separating myself
from reality
and the harshness of the waves

An ode to you,
the bright glow
of those stage lights
blinding my eyes
from the horrors I've seen
and maybe those of tomorrow
with sweat dripping from my head
I commend you
for letting me feel

An ode to you,
the fading glow
of sun to moon
or moon to sun
and the chaos like my brain
jumbles to make
a perfect puzzle piece
and I've never felt so alive
with you squeezing me tight
around these unfamiliar beautiful faces
let my melody travel
to the skylight
of that goodbye breath tomorrow brings

An ode to you,
for starting in the time of night
as if on schedule
people's nightmares
begin to haunt them
and your hands never let them get to me
you fill the night with a promise of happiness
along with a breeze of freedom
between each set

so an Ode To You,
as dusk breaks
when the music starts
these words will get thrown to the wind
along with my hands
to try and grasp
for something other than these liquid sounds
that only can be held
for so many hours
before the water will escape the cracks
of my unreliable and fragile palms

The author's comments:

My favorite thing to do in my spare time is go to concerts. Music really touches my soul and has helped me through a lot in life so this is an ode peom to the beauty of getting together and singing your heart out.

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