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January 27, 2009
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I'm the millionaire scratch that young money billionaire
Only chic that really pop a wheelie up in air
Shawty that be rocking that long fly hair
Make the other girls gasp and stare
And that's not it
Cause I'm not sick
And you could call me what you like chic
But don't call me on my side kick
Cause I never answer when it's private
But I do answer to the pilot
That's not you cause you can't buy this
The fresh Lamborghini
So yall never see me
I 'm like zoom zoom zoom all over the place ,
Zoom zoom zoom all up in your face
Only thing you could say is whoa
Cause you one of the chumps that tried to murder me at my show
Talking bout you was bout to get that gangsta dough
But I always got that flow so
Chill wit me yo cash is never gone be low

I got money all over place
I got money written all over my face
I got money to bet on every darn race

But all ya do nothing but hate .Ya don't know how to appreciate me
Jeze the shawty with all the money Ya that's me the young money
I 'm free cause I own me none of ya yungins could try to know me
Cause that ain't me you know why cause I'm Jeze the young money .
But let's be honest homie you don't know me
The young money
You old folks say I'm new money . But really I find it funny . Cause yall don't know I ringing thing about me .
Now even though I got money I ain't gonna act funny .I ain't gonna change cause I get paid . and for my mother I 'm gone still make the grade And no I'm not gone dip cause I get rich
And if you do you just know they call me Jeze

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