Daddy's Calling

January 26, 2009
By Esther Huh, Woodside, NY

Daddy's Calling,
Come home sweetie,
it's late at night,
this is the time I need you
more than ever,
Daddy's Calling,
How many times do I need to tell
you not to do that!
Why aren't you successful?
What do I do with you now?
Daddy's Calling,
I think I'm gonna go head out for a beer, hope you don't mind,
I'll see in in a few.
Daddy's Calling,
Daddy called,
but I never picked up.

The author's comments:
I've heard of many times when Dad's needed their children for a purpose, to blame them or harrass them, to mock them or to purposely fight with them, this poem portrays how a daughter feels of her father. He always calls out to her, but calls out with no purpose. He calls her, but she really doesn't care anymore; for she shouldn't have had in the first place, becasue he never did.

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