Rose Colored Eyes

January 26, 2009
By Earl Harp, La Cygne, KS

Life never wants to compromise
So you sit back waiting for the smallest surprise
But you know it won't come
Because of what you done

You’re tired of this old song
But you never stop listening
Because of the path you were on you thought was to long
You look out the rose colored glass and see two people kissing

You wonder if you could ever feel that alive
But you'll never know if you don't take a dive
You think no one would catch you if you fall
But you don’t know all the people who would answer the call

They would drop everything for you
Because they say you’re the only that matters
You wonder when people look at you
Is it rose colored eyes

Or is it something that would give you the sweetest surprise
You ask yourself this
Would you be missed
If you quit being strong

Because the path to happiness is too damn long
Yes you would because God gave us the chance
To make the choice of if we should dance
Even if you don't believe in anything

There will be always something to relive your pain
It's something that would be right in front of you
And this time you know that it'll be true

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