in my skin

January 26, 2009
By Maggie Bowman, Seadrift, TX

no one knows what it felt like to be in my skin
a girl hiding behind the empty smiles she put on at home
no one saw the signs of her depression, the long sleeves hiding the scars
the ones inside and out from her mental breakdown
music was her sanctuary, without it, things would've only gotten worse
finally, she came out and showed her friends the scars
they were disappointed but she promised she would never do it again
shortly after, she finally got what she had dremed of for a year, she got to go home
back to the town she loved, with her friends and family
a few weeks later, the homecoming dance, the boy she's in love with is there with another girl
she was hurt and crushed but she played it off as usual
after watching them dance together all night she'd had enough and ran into the hallway crying
her friends tried to console her but their efforts were no use, it hurt to much
to her surprise, her love asked her out again, she was exstatic
unfortunately their relationship didn't last long, rumors were spreading and like an idiot, she believed them
he broke up with her the next day... causing her to break her promise to him, one of her best friends, and the others, again they were disappointed and it took a while but someone finally stopped her, her friend she would soon realize she had immense feelings for
and that's what it felt lke, to be in my skin...

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