Us Against the World

January 26, 2009
By Jolene Head BRONZE, Blaine, Minnesota
Jolene Head BRONZE, Blaine, Minnesota
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We all live upon a battlefield,
in a fight unto the death.
We dodge and dart, try to survive.
Keep safe that one last breath.

Hiding in the shadows,
we strive to go unnoticed.
We cower in the corners.
Pray the strobe light loses focus.

We run until we fall in pain.
We watch our blood run cold.
We try not to cause trouble
when it's us against the world.

But why should we be hiding?
Why should we be scared?
Should we not at least try to win
before we all despair?

In every war someone will fail,
but someone else succeeds.
One side will fall and crumble,
but the other shall be free.

Why can't we be the one's that live,
the victors strong and bold?
We're the only thing that holds us back
when it's us against the world.

For there's no reason we can't be brave.
There's no reason we can't hold on.
We have just as much chance as anyone,
and our hearts, they're twice as strong.

We all want just want to be ourselves,
and let our souls fly free.
Why in this game of cat and mouse
can the cat never be me?

We can't be touched if we stand up
and backlash what we're told.
We're just as strong as we let ourselves be
when it's us against the world.

So don't be scared, you'll be okay.
Just let your life unfold.
But don't give up because you can win
in this war against the world.

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