Is Love Forever

January 26, 2009
By Taj'Maleek Overton, Windsor, NC

Is love forever? Well only a lover could know,
Love is beautiful, but you have to let it to show.
Is love forever? I think so,
but you have to show compassion,
So that love can grow.

Is love forever? How do you feel?
Is it enclosed forever? Protected with a seal,
Is love a color? Is it good or bad?
Does it make you uplifted?
Or does it make you feel sad?

Does love have an identity? How is it classified?
Can you make it your own? Or does it flow with the tide?
Is it safe to love? Will I get hurt?
Will I love forever? Or get smothered in the dirt?
Figure 1 ~H€@RT$~

Is love forever? Well only a lover would know,
But you have to love freely,
Where ever your love should go.

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