Song for Someone

January 26, 2009
By Danielle Caruso, Norwalk, CT

It’s late at night
I need something to write

I’ve got nothing to do
Except jot down a few
Little words and quotes
That I wrote and remind
Me of you.

You’re so damn cute

and not appreciated

oh boy, you’d be mind

If I weren’t already taken
I think you are kind

and deserve a girl just as fine
This song’s for the boy
who thinks he’s not deserving
and NOT for the one
Who thinks he is worth earning

you are so humble and that is very charming.
Take a vacation but while you’re gone
Grab a pen and piece of paper

and write me a song.
I did it for you
I don’t doubt you’ll
do it too.

I love your smile

goes great with the eyes
if you said it back well I’d be surprised
You see, its not about you

its just about what you do
So hug me goodbye

good luck In the next years
I won’t show it now,
But later there’ll be tears

I miss you dearly

please do not forget my name..

the story's not done
it has only
we're all trying to escape
and all
trying to run
from the most normal things
in our lives
but we should just grow up

The author's comments:
this piece was originally written as music but be a poem as well. it was inspired from different types of people (males) in - or out of my life. different parts are dedicated to different loved/hated ones. not that im a hateful person.... =)
i love to sing this and hopefully people will love to read it. and maybe even listen to it one day

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