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October 9, 2015
By maggierourke BRONZE, Flushing, Michigan
maggierourke BRONZE, Flushing, Michigan
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I believe in simple things
Beautiful things
Infinite things
Amazing things
I believe in the warm arms of the person you love
The way you feel when they look at you
The way they kiss your forehead
The way they trace your spine
The way they hold your hand
I believe in love at first sight
The tiny fireworks inside your head
I believe in staying up all night
Talking about the world
About the ocean
The sky
The way they say your name
I believe there is good in the world
Right beneath your fingertips
And I’m still looking for those simple things
To believe in

The author's comments:

this poem is about appreciating the simple things in life and cherishing the small moments that you share with the people you love.

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