Didn't Realize

Ive been living on my own time
thinking of how to get you out my life
But after all this time i've knowing you
I just cant get you out ma life

You were a dream that came true
But ill always remeber you were never cruel
Itz hard to realize its reality
But suddenly you had turned my life around
The mistake i made with you
had just learned ma lesson

You had been the reason why I neva messed up
But I always stood up tall and strong
I didn't cry but i sure did have a frown
Now i just know your like your boy Silver

I thought you was something different
Come on step up your game
Your nothing but a fake
I dont wanna cry a lake

So know that im the one with the big smile
Itz like my life just started over,
Your something a girl doesn't want no more
Your out and gone forever
But never again will we be together

Your just another fake thug that don't desive a real girl
We are something special in life and anyone would be happy 2 be with me
Your in the past long gone
I just wont look back at you

My furture is ahead of me im that model in the front cover
But right now is my prestent which your not in
You were mine but just remeber
I'll stay fine

Realize what you lost
Cause im something that cost
Im real and she's a flake falling from the sky
I just wish i can fly
She's old news and im just the beginning of the story
Your there and im here
Sitting writing this poem makes me feel good
Just know im something the next is not

Love is a strong word
But to you it's a game
Hope your heart gets broken i wont be piking up the pieces

I love my life, with you im nothing
But without you,
just look and think how beautiful i am

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