January 26, 2009
By Becka Rose, Wilmington, MA

the cool rain drops stuck to the window slowly slide as the car moves forward.
place a hand to the window and the chilly glass is captivating.
The lights zoom ; a single breathe is released through pursed lips.
The heart nor speeds or slows it beats in nervous tickers of an unknown source. a nervous glance to the side then a sensation of abscence in the mind. a tingling numb feeling of want and need pulsing throughout a body that does not know its source. LOOK AT ME yells the mind, behind sheileded eyes. the erubescent effect has no play in this game, thus a confused girl whos lost her place in this world. tick tock tick tock when will the embrace of a willing mouth counter her lips. a hindered demand is required, the heart stops ; a confused state of mind. inches closer her heart keels over. 1....2....3! jumping in to that pool of water drenched in denial! mmm soft embrace warmth and worthbeing.. MORE shouts the mind, then more denial through sheilded eyes. the heat from a somatic experience engulfs the need. then slowly....drifting...losing control of the mind letting go, enjoing oneself. And ever so slightly breaking the silence like a dogs bark in the night.
An escaped moan of bliss...

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