I hate this space

January 26, 2009
By iBloom BRONZE, Miami, Florida
iBloom BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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I hate this space,
I hate this cry,
I hate this story,
I hate this lie.

A fib that grew,
Just continued to sprout,
The anguish that spread
A steep unsteady shout.

A wail with hurt,
A drenched and withered soul,
Attempts to stand up strong,
And let the world behold.

A posture with a stand,
A smile with a secret;
I raise my voice to cry,
“I wish they could believe me”.

Believe my emotion from scratch,
To know the real deal,
The one that kept on trying,
Behind the curtain ; real.

Betrayal was at its best,
But Forgiveness on my part;
You can never change the past,
And cannot unblade the sharp.

I sit here with affliction,
Knowing the whole story,
Dwelling within the truth,
I try to find some glory.

Glory to confide in,
Some small and petty hope;
To think that it’s actually possible,
To assume its worth to hold.

Live for what you want,
Breathe for what you thrive,
Cry for what you miss,
Don’t let it slip and die.

Feel for what you feel,
Hold on for your ride,
Overlook your paths and reasons;
Follow your heart with pride.

Forget the past with passion,
Start your future with a feel;
I’ll wait and see what happens;
As this lie becomes my real.

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