Those Eyes

January 26, 2009
By iBloom BRONZE, Miami, Florida
iBloom BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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1 My eyes that want,
Those eyes that glare;
My eyes that gaze,
Those eyes that stare.

5 My eyes just analyze,
Those eyes just depart,
My eyes, cherish;
Those eyes, just dark.

9 His eyes, empty,
My eyes, full;
With tears cascading,
Those eyes, dull.

13 Not caring are those eyes,
Deceiving mine at the least;
One day, perfect,
The next ,opposing glee.

17 A meaningless gape,
Those eyes just send;
An unscripted message,
With a twisted blend.

21 Unpredictable to say,
No words can explain;
How those eyes just pierce,
Impossible to persuade.

25 My eyes, lucky,
To even have a glimpse;
Even the slightest look,
For those eyes to sync.

29 Walking , strolling, sprinting, or patrolling;
Those eyes can just halt my heart.
A wink, a blink , a twitch, and a finch;
Are what my eyes can conduct so far.

33 Those eyes, clueless;
My eyes yearning;
Those eyes, playing,

And my eyes…blurring.

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