My Parents

January 26, 2009
I know you love me
And I love you too
But sometimes I want
To be without you

I don't want to hurt you
Or make you cry
But then is when you worry
I'll soon say goodbye

The times I want you
Your never there
Sometimes you feel
That I just don't care

You have to let me go
And be who I am
But I will return to you
As soon as I can

No matter where I am
Your in my heart
And I think that for you
Is the hardest part

I'm not little anymore
So it's time to except
That everyday I'm changing
Step by step

Whenever you got home
I used to run up to you
But just cuz I don't
Doesn't me I don't still love you

You want to see a three year old
Whenever you see me
But now I'm thirteen
So please understand me

But since I'm thirteen
Not yet am I going anywhere
But the words NOT YET
Is the reason you are scared

It makes me sad
Just to know
That one of these days
I'll be on my own

Then I'll want more of you
Now I want less of you
But I want you to know
I'll always love you

Just back up a bit
But don't leave for good
This is why I feel
I'm not understood

You guys are the best
I love you so much
But all I ask
Is for you to stop the clutch

But I should understand my parents
Through the good and the bad
That deep down inside
This is why they are mostly sad

They don't want to say goodbye
They are a little scared
And when they say no
It's because they care

I know I should be happy
I have parents who care
But sometimes it gets hard
When every second they're there

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