The empty pasture

January 26, 2009
By Anonymous

The empty pasture
Sadness overwhelms me
As I look at his pasture
So empty it looks with out this magnificent creature
Standing there with the wind blowing his mane and tail
He’s gone I realize that but why is the question
I want an answer to
Why did someone have to poison this gentlemanly spirit
How could someone stand here in this pasture and just take his life away so painfully
I remember when he would be
Standing there with the wind in his mane and tail
But now I shall never see this again
How could
This horrible person give such a magnificent horse poison
And I know standing out here at his grave with the people I’d
Consider family we all feel the same way
We’ll never here his gentile call when we arrive again
We’ll never see him run with Kush and Luke
And Matt will never meet his baby
His warmth will never comfort us again
On these cold winter days

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