From My Heart

January 26, 2009
By MODEL09 BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
MODEL09 BRONZE, Athens, Georgia
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From My Heart

Everything I tell you is from my heart. I loved you since the very start.

True love gives me butterflies, we have to let them go and let them fly.

Look at how beautiful love is but sometimes people cry,
Holding on strongly for something that’s not there,
Can bring back good and bad memories and knowing the feelings still fill the air!

I have told you once before that our love was so strong, but you went to someone else that you knew was wrong. Your blinded by their love and fooled by their looks and now you want to leave them for someone who cooks!

I gave you a chance and you took it and ran, now you want me back knowing that I still have pain from the day you made me go insane!

I know this is a little to much but I have done all I can, my love for you has burned out and I hope you understand!

The author's comments:
I wrote it because I went through a bad break up and I still have feelings for this person but they are not as strong as they use to be and I just want him to understand that i am here for him no matter what has happened or is going to happen!

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