Teenage Suicide

January 27, 2009
By Sara bradley BRONZE, Newton, Kansas
Sara bradley BRONZE, Newton, Kansas
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Some of us do not have it as great as others,
And some of us take things the hard way.

Some teenagers turn to cutting and pills,

As the solution to their problems.
But little do they realize, at the time of their actions,
Its life and death.
People walk down t he halls shouting hateful things,
Or parents put their children down telling them they are not good enough.
People say things out of anger like thunder on a dark stormy night.
Hunter was not thinking when he decided to put that gun to his head.
I wish someone was there to talk to him,
Ask him to think about his actions before he turned to death as a solution.
Sometimes if parents and friends and family,
Would just realize that your words can impact a person's life.
It changes people's state of mind and could really hurt someone.
Hunter was a friend to many and a member of this society and look at him now.
He is in heaven looking over all of us.
His life was put to an end at fifteen.
We are only teenagers and you don't think about how your words and actions could hurt.
No teenager should have to turn to suicide for a solution to our problems.
But life is not easy and people are ignorant
People that think they are better then everyone else and think that the world would be a much better place with their words should be the families that were put in the position at the funeral of their child.
What would you do if your teenage child or friend decided to end their life today?
Would you wish for forgiveness for all the hateful things you said?
Think about what you say before the words come out of your mouth the words can be a decision of a life.

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