Oh Mirror, My Mirror

September 6, 2015
By prettypuppy88 SILVER, Suffolk, Virginia
prettypuppy88 SILVER, Suffolk, Virginia
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Oh Mirror, my Mirror,
Tell me, am I prettier?
Please, tell me, am I skinnier?

Oh Mirror, my Mirror,
Please tell me that I’m good,
Cause I can’t stop cringing at my pictures instead of smiling like I should.

I cringe when I see myself in the window
What happened to the time
I didn’t care how I looked
When I could look at myself reflection and not have the urge to cry?

Now I fear my image,
My insecurities are magnified
Loving myself,
My body,
Not crying,
Not dying,
Not minding,
Is a never-ending, overwhelming fight.

Faking confidence is easy
Not hard to fake a laugh
It’s easy to hide my rising fury at the girl in the glass.

Her image becomes clearer,
And I seem to fade,
Her outsides become firm,
While my insides decay.

She takes delight in my demise
Putting her foot out for me to trip.
I desperately cling to my sanity
But I can feel it start to slip.

Mirror, I begging you, tell me I’m thinner,
Tell me I’m slimmer
Tell me my outsides finally match my inner.

I know other people feel this way too
I’m just preaching to the choir
But all this hate, all this hiding…
It leaves me so tired…


Can’t I bribe you, Mirror?

Can’t you simply tell me lies, Mirror?
Won’t you tell me I’m finally fine so I don’t have to cry, Mirror?


Oh Mirror, my Mirror,
Don’t you see?
What you show,
It’s breaking me.

The author's comments:

There was a time in my life where I avoided all windows and mirrors, because looking at myself was just too painful. I still do it sometimes. I've always struggled with loving myself, and I wrote this during a time where it was really taking a toll on me

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