195 Individual Countries

January 13, 2009
By Sarah Makoski, Hartland, WI

They are the only ones who fill the world. I am only one of them.
One-hundred ninety-five individual countries with different colors on their flags
and love in their eyes.
195 who are surrounded by each other.
195 reasons to remember who you are.
From your bedroom window you can dream of them,
but there’s always something from keeping you.
Their soil is the same.
They come from the same place, separated over time.
They celebrate and cherish and eat different things but sleep the same.
They all strive for love.
When I am fortunate enough to comprehend each and every one
When I am able to taste the differences in the air, in the food.
When there is nothing left to see or misunderstand.
195 who create diversity.
195 who stand proud of their culture.
195 who make me crave peace.

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