I know your walk, I walk differently.

January 30, 2009
By Matt Peyerk SILVER, Allegan, Michigan
Matt Peyerk SILVER, Allegan, Michigan
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I walk the crowded streets, gleaming with smiles and delights,
And I turn on a frown, to let them know I don't follow there light.
I look around the world; I see happiness masked with b-------,
And I act miserable to let them see how they really feel inside.
I hear praising of money, and I hear praising of material luxury,
And I sell all my belongings, to prove they're pathetic in my sight.
All the mass cheers for our destructive war consuming so many souls,
All the crowd sings the songs of our empire and cruelty.
And I turn away and break down and cry, to show them the reality,
They stare upon me so, asking me why I'm tearing,
And why I only walk the streets with nothing on my feet,
And nothing on my shoulder to call mine,
Why I don't wear a smile on my face,
Why I don't jump up and down.

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