January 30, 2009
By Ruvness BRONZE, Sudbury, Other
Ruvness BRONZE, Sudbury, Other
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Laugh hard and long like you've never laughed before

You never know what's coming next but face it with a laugh

Start your day with a laugh end you day with a laugh

Start your life with a laugh end it the same because you cannot control the world but you do have the power to laugh so do so long and loud


Every breath you take is precious

Don't take anyone of them for granted

Live to make life last we only have a short time

so you must make every moment last

use every second you have in you no matter what is put upon you

hold on to every memory whatever it is because you will need the memories

every one of them

when you've run out of time


Love is the essence of everything without love nothing excists.

Love just is

No reason no rhyme just a feeling that has the power of all the universe and the cosmos.

So go ahead and love

Love like there is no such thing as pain

love away all your hurt and disappointments

life is too short not to.

you can never hold on to the hurt and the pain only the happiness that is exuded from love hold on to every ounce of love in your life

hold on Tight . The fun's about to begin

The author's comments:
i wrote this for my dad

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