January 30, 2009
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don't know why that which lies underneath does
array of feelings, deep enough to be unseen
but still felt with fierce intensity
can't learn from mistakes
bleak world filled with apathy
but put upon you is everything
everything they don't feel
so your feelings go unnoticed
anger never seen by society
sadness smothered by unfeeling
no understanding for emotion
there are moments when the disinterest wavers
feelings escaping the constant guard which they're under
but they never go as deep as yours
not ever as severe
not ever as exposed
others cry tears ,but your steady stream never seams to stop
others are afraid,but your fear engulfs your entire being
others feel pain,but the piercing agony within you ends all else
but the world causes you to hide your emotions
once again suffocated by the indifference that surrounds you
then you see a slight glimmer a slither if you will
of hope,
of new faith,
as your feelings escape and reach another place in keen realization that you are not solitary
as your soul kindles with another, one that feels as you , one that can understand
now reaching a place almost contempt when you can release all that lays inside.

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