I Sing

January 30, 2009
I sing because I know what it's like

To hurt, to laugh,

To love, to die.

I sing because I know

that there are people out there

who need me

to sing.

I sing because I like

to help people,

to make them think they're beautiful,

because they are.

Even if they don't know it.

I sing because

I know my voice will reach somebody,

I know my lyrics will touch somebody,

I know my broken cry will move somebody.

I sing because I hurt,

because I bleed,

because there's a hole where my happiness should be.

I sing of footsteps in the sand,

representing memories of long ago.

I sing of waterfalls,

because of the way I fall

with raw power down into nothingness.

Because of the tears I wish I could cry.

I sing of wilting roses,

because I know

that everything beautiful, eventually dies.

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