Everyone Should Remain Existing Vexatiously Reverse Ever-so Painlessly

January 30, 2009
By DT_The_ET BRONZE, North Vancouver, Other
DT_The_ET BRONZE, North Vancouver, Other
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Once upon a rhyme there was a boy who walked backwards and never looked in front of him.
Mind you, what as in front him was actually behind him.
And what was behind him was all he wanted to see.
All he wanted to see was the past, the old, the memories.
If he turned around, he'd have to the face of things To Be.
Now, To Be wasn't the most pleasant thing to see.
It was ugly, and if you couldn't handle the shine, you'd end up like many others:

Many settled with being blind or turned a blind eye, never choosing to look back at To Be.
It was safe to say To Be has many victims and has taken their wit with him...
Or with her?
Anyway, on a usual day, Vancouver's usual grey, he heard something.
These voices.
They beckoned and buzzed.
And being his curious self, he wanted to see what it was.
One foot after the other, he twisted his body to face To Be.
For nothing he'd ever had witnessed would prepare him for what he'd see.
What he saw wasn't what he wanted to see, but he sure as hell saw it.
He saw things that he hadn't seen before.
He saw things he'd never think to see.
He saw things that he wished he didn't have to see.
He saw the faces of many children, stricken with suffering and pain.
All hungry, withering away and living in vein.
So Hungry, you could see every vein and every bone in their rib cage.
Every bone as it penetrated their skin.
And to this boy, it lit something within .
Something within him said seek more.
The light of To Be may sizzle and scorch, but seek more.
The boy kept walking, and along the path he saw more.
He saw young boys at war, armed with guns double their size.
Fighting for what? Their satisfaction? Their boredom? Their Lives?
No. They fought for Nothing, really.
Just lies. Lies upon lies upon lies were the only reason they had to risk their lives.
Feeling sickened and weak, he fell to his feet.
He felt their agony.
He felt heir defeat.
Is this what some people face every week? He though.
Upon this question, something struck him.
Something within him knew what that sound was.
It was the voice of a child, whispering.
'Human is as human does.'
And this boy, this human, was like a lot of others.
He always thought that he alone walked backwards.
But when he though backwards, back to those words, he realized, he was not alone.
He wasn't the only one, but one of many.
Many of the backwards walkers that, in a reverse fashion, roam this globe.
And on this globe, if you weren't in reverse, you were more than likely headed forward.
But to those that were in reverse viewed those going forward as the ones in reverse.
Because those headed forward were blinded, and only a fool blindly wanders this earth.
But only someone blind to what is in front of them is a true fool, actually.
Because what was behind them became what was in front of them.
And what was in front of them was To Be.
And To Be and To Be had a nickname: Reality.
This rhyme is the reflection of a time of which humans were as what humans did.
Humans were blind and roamed all over this earth.
All walking in reverse.
Except this one kid.
This one boy.
And when he started walking forward, it marked the his rebirth.
He was no longer just a boy, but he was Perverse.

The author's comments:
The idea for this poem really came out of the blue, I don't really know how to explain it. But the gist of the poem is that reality is hard to look at, and people go blind in different senses. Some focus on the negative so long and find it hard to go back to positive. Some people look at the negative and stick with the positive, never looking back at the negative. And there are others who rather remain under aware and turn a blind eye to the madness. The whole backwards/in front thing came from the way a lot of people think nowadays, where everyone wants to live in the past and focus on what the world WAS like before all the madness and tragedy hit, rather than turn around and look at what we're faced with now. The voices we hear are the sounds of that madness. And we hear those sounds all the time while caught up in madness, whether it be seeing the head line 'FOUR THOUSAND DEAD DUE TO GUERILLA WARFARE' when flipping through channels on TV or hearing 'HUNGER RATE INCREASES BY 33%' on the radio, it's all over, but not a lot really want to respond to the sounds of those crying for help because they have bigger decisions on their hands ' should they get the Starbucks Passion Lemon Tea or the Tim Horton's Double-Double?
Last thing I wanted to mention, though, was that when I looked up 'PERVERSE' in my handy Webster's dictionary, I got 'wilfully doing what is not expected or norm; contrary.' And I bet you didn't realize that the first letter of every word in the Poem's title, spelled backwards, spells PERVERSE.

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