Restricted Tongue

January 30, 2009
By Yazzy B SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
Yazzy B SILVER, Arlington, Virginia
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My words can hold me down
Keep me up
Lock it up
Don't stop the
The Game of words
What I say is in reaction to
What I heard the singing bird say
To another bird not singing just saying
He who speaks knows nothing
But silence is golden
He who speaks knows
I speak though I think I know
What I should know but before I speak
Of what I think I know
I need to watch
The syllables flow off my tongue
The consonants inhale
Words spoken
God's words
What does God say that has not already been said?
Speak and you shall be heard
But no one hears the words coming out my mouth
Do you
Can you
Hear the words coming out my mouth
They are clear
They have diction
They have projection
But what I am projecting is not getting through to your ears!
Do not speak for themselves
Because I'm speaking for myself
My brotha, my motha, my fatha
I'm speaking
So listen up
Because I won't say it again

Hold on
I can't
I can't say what I'm tryna say
It ain't coming out right
Wait just wait
I almost got it
Hold on'
I head you say my words don't matter
Because my skin is mocha-chinno
My voice is deeper than ya girl's
My head is fluffy and nappy
And what I say shouldn't even matter
Cause my intelligence escapes you quicker
Than it escapes your mouth
Your words
But it ain't working
Cause those ain't the words that hold me down
They are my own.
My words can hold me down
Lock um up
It up
Don't stop
Cause the game of words
Goes on and on.

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