I love you

January 30, 2009
By Desire' Markub BRONZE, Seatac, Washington
Desire' Markub BRONZE, Seatac, Washington
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I Love You

This Poem Is Just Showing You How I Really Feel

That All My Love For You Is Truly Real

From The Day I First Met You

Till This Time Right Now

I've Had Strong Feelings For You

It Just Makes Me Think 'Oh Wow'

You Give Me A Warm Feeling

Every Time I See You

And It Just Won't Go Away

But That's How I Knew We Would Be Together

Forever Someday

Well That Day Has Come

It Was December 7, 2008

And From That Day Forward

I Knew I Was Complete

From My Head To My Feet

That Day Was The Day

When You Walked Into My Life

And I Couldn't Picture It Any Other Way

You're Part Of My Life Now

And That's Not Going To Change

Cause If It Did

My Life Wouldn't Ever Be The Same

Babe, I Just Want You To No

That You Are My Life, My World, My Everything

And To Lose You I Would Just Have To Say

No Way

You're The Love Of My Life

And What I Say Is True

Words Can't Describe

How I Really Feel About You

I Could Try And Say A Few Words

To Show How I Really Feel

But I Just Want You To No

The Words That I Would Use Are So Unreal

Our Life Together

Is Going To Last Forever

And With How Perfect It's Going To Be

We Are Going To Live Happily Ever After

Our Life Is Going To Be Like A Fairy Tail

But With This It's Going To Be Real

Not A Bed Time Book

Or Just Another Deal

But A Life That Is Going To Be Lived

By Me And You For Real

It's Time To Wrap It Up

Even If I Don't Want To

But The Last Thing I'm Going To Say

Is That

I Really Do Love You

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