You and I

January 30, 2009
By Nathan Figueroa BRONZE, Pontiac, Michigan
Nathan Figueroa BRONZE, Pontiac, Michigan
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It's an absolute beauty,
the viewing
of you and I together. Just the thought appearing in my mind
I pray 'we' remains forever.
Rather best friends or married until death may do us part.
It's a privilege to stand and witness the picture of God's art,
as displaying two hearts to become a special beating of one.
By allowing two souls' love to shine together similar as the midnight moon and the early morning sun.
How it's just begun.
I know our love is very special
because you and I hold a connection that nothing and no one can ever let go.
And so'
just three words I would like to let you know.
Which is '
I love you.
Regardless what may happen please in your heart never let me go.
You and I'
When I view back on the purpose and steps of our lives,
I remember a voice once telling me sometimes we need to press pause and understand how God drew every detail and made it before our very eyes. Grasping this concept,
I think of the moment you and I first took place and began,
I realize it was not a big bang explosion but a day marked in history to never forget.
That day open the door to now '
similar to making a seed into a flower.
if that day never came
nothing would have been planted
or growing in our hearts at this exact moment of hour.
God created you and I as a plan,
see the human mind may never know nor fully understand
what you and I may grow into
but let us cherish the fact roots could ever grow from this sand.
You and I'
You '
darling you are my flower,
growing daily dazzling in my garden.
You are so beautiful,
You're the rose I hold in my hand.
The apple of my eye.
Questions come to my mind.
I wonder what made me jump and fall so hard for you when I knew I my self could never fly.
As emotions collide,
crashing you and I together
leading us to the path of becoming the groom and the bride.
Let us get married.
Let us become one spirit, one flesh, one mind.
I believe with all my heart
that this plan was originally written by the very hands of God
when he documented the book of you and I.
Let us bring glory to the Father.
Oh how wonderful to bring to purpose
a life
between his blessed son
and his heavenly created daughter.
You and I'
just holding you in my arms while staring so deep in your eyes,
falling inside.
I'm falling in love with you.
I feel as though you're a heaven sent gift given to me by surprise.
How lucky am I?
I have you'
How great it is that there is such thing as a love so true?
Even though it seems make belief,
like a fairy tale or like a story which could never seem real.
It's the truth brought to life,
an idea which never never land could never get there hands on nor steal.
Oh just how It's an absolute beauty
of the viewing
of you and I together.
Just the thought appearing in my mind
I pray 'we' remains forever.
Forever together.
Eternity past,
when clocks stop ticking
and for the time class no more fall of the sand,
you and I will remain together.
You and I'
We will make sweet love until the very last day.
Our love will glorify a stronger love as it clouds the sky's and rains.
Our love brings rainbows to the skies.
Not a day will go by where you and I are not together side by side.
You and I'
sounds beautiful.
The fact makes my heart begin to cry.
It's unbelievable that there is a love so true and not make belief.
A love such as
You and I'

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