Lost Bay

January 30, 2009
By BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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Broken dreams and negative destructive wishes

Murderous intent disguised as slick black fishes

The waves crash onto the ground, scarring the shore

As it recedes, the water vows there will be more

Trees are torn from the earth and launched through the ruby sky

Anger manifests itself as lightning passes by

Next comes fear, rolling in as clouds, dark purple and gray

Welcome to the corner of the heart I refer to as the Lost Bay

Cynicism, pessimism, confusion, regret

Memories you wish you could, but can never ever forget

People you wish you never met, things you wish you never said

Things you wish you never did, people you'd talk to, if they weren't dead

The gusts of wind rip at you, tearing through flesh, muscle, and bone

In this part of the heart no heat is felt, no Sun is shown

Rain drops fall: Revenge. It doesn't seem like it can cause pain

Revenge is so sweet until it becomes acid rain

The Lost Bay has our darkest secrets, maybe things we wish we never knew

Don't dwell upon it, don't get stuck there, and don't let it overtake you

It only covers a small piece of the heart, and there it should remain

It should be isolated there, leaving the rest of your heart sane

So keep yourself looking up, look for the good in everyone, everyday

If not, kiss the world goodbye and dive into The Lost Bay

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