January 30, 2009
By BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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In the unknown spaces of existence
Could there be a being
whose soul holds such an essence
that only immortality can bring?
who causes the ground to quake
the oceans surge and mountains shake
who causes counfusion about love and hate
whose wishes cause God's Will to break?

Infinite Questions, swirl around,
i ponder them as more abound

Could there be cities beyond the Sun?
with shining lands of gleaming towers?
and after the battle is fought and won,
it sleeps away, in endless hours?
the Citizens, Gods of the Universe
that speak the note and sing the verse
who were concieved, molded and created first
do they bend our fates for better, or worse?
their wish to be mortal is a wish and a thirst.
is controlling destiny a blessing? or a curse?

Infinite Questions, swirl around,
i ponder them as more abound

Could there be structures in the heart of the world?
where creatures feed on flame and ash
whose nails are rotten, cracked and curled
who deal with trickery and blood-stained cash?
Demons, talons on their hands and feet
Draped in smelly and rancid meat
Are they disguised as friends and people we meet
to hack into our minds where secrets keep?
Just wolves building trust with sheep,
hungrily waiting for them to fall asleep?

Infinite Questions, swirl around
I ponder them as more abound

How many wars will it take to see
that peace is the only way?
How pure do we have to be
to wash our evils away?
Can a soul ever reach Thee
if it does good deeds but doesn't pray
And is it possible for me
to help make the world okay?

Infinite Questions, swirling around,
I ponder them until the answer is found.

But am I just wasting my time,
by coming up with Questions and making them rhyme?
I often sit, legs folded, mind wandering.
But are any of these Questions even worth pondering?

The author's comments:
This was very fun to write. I just hope it's fun to read as well. Enjoy.

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