Almost Forgotten

January 30, 2009
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Your eyes so gently gaze
Your lips so softly whisper
Bathed in the pale light of the sun
And I wonder if maybe you're all I need
To set my mind upon my dream
And cast away the fears I never told
Of a heart so black and white
But deep down as pure as gold

You showed me how to live
With a fire in my veins and hope Sweeping across my mind
You took the muddled world and
Carried it to me so I could see Worlds entwined
See the truth glistening in a vibrant face
Like the light of the sun on your faith
Like the light of the day I finally saw
The light of a dream that was
Almost forgotten
Almost forgotten

Countless times they pushed me away
Pinned by leering glares and Mocking words
At my mistakes
Too many times I've wavered on
Twisted paths of desire and reality,
Wound so One would be left behind
Cornered by patent shadows of an Unrelenting finality
Painted into the corners of my mind
Painted my heart black and white

Clearer than breaking waves over silver sand
Brighter than the dawning sun in your bright eyes
Deeper than the well of an endless infinity, one only
You could understand
Softer than the bluebirds song it softly sighs
Like on the wings of a dream it flys

Because of you I slipped on those shoes with the rainbow laces
Tied a ribbon in my hair
Caught the world in my hands
And chased a dream that was
Almost forgotten
Almost forgotten
Almost forgotten

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