Laughing Fire, Laughing Life

January 30, 2009
By Ashlynn Tingle BRONZE, Harlem, Georgia
Ashlynn Tingle BRONZE, Harlem, Georgia
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I sit by a laughing fire, as I watch it burn I wonder is it laughing at me?
Is it laughing at something behind me? Or maybe someone behind me?
Here is the question but where is the answer? Where does it lie? Maybe in my past or even in my future that's to know who's to say? Only those above us know and we will in time and in time only ''.

The author's comments:
I am God's example of getting out i was abused january makes nine years this was a hard time in my life becuase my parents were divorced and i didn't know who to belive besides god which is why i wrote this i hope that someone reads this and i touvhfed there heart as it has mine ... and the reason i said it's about getting out is becuase i live with 3 Beautiful people who had it in there heart for me to live with them when no one else did thank you to those people i owe you my life love you guys .

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