January 30, 2009
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All things ruin,
Over time,
Blue jeans, and T-shirts,
And rainbows and friendship.

New jeans feel great,
For a while,
Just as you think they'll fit forever,
They tear at the knee,
And holes appear everywhere.
But you can always get,
A new pair of jeans.

My favorite T-Shirts,
Show who I am.
They keep me comfy,
They show my personality.
But the pictures fade,
The shirt shrinks,
But you can always buy,
Another shirt.

Rainbows are a beautiful,
Sight to gaze at,
Their colors extravagant,
Their inspiration endless,
They appear so beautiful,
After rain so hard,
But rainbows end,
They always fade,
But they will appear once more,
After another storm.

Friends always encourage me,
They lead me to success.
Without them I would,
Be forever lost.
But friendships end,
People grow apart,
The closest of friends,
Become distant strangers,
Or even sometimes,
Become enemies.

A great friendship,
Never tears,
Never shrinks,
And never fades.

Once you have a great best friend,
They can never be replaced.
You can't buy a new one,
You can't wait for another storm.

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