January 30, 2009
By Hannah Hopson BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Hannah Hopson BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Oh Puglee
Oh Puglee
How are you so ugly?
Your such a beautiful shade of pink.
You have small little feet,
Very long arms,
And llama ears at the top.
You cant smile or even frown.
You only have 2 teeth that come out of your mouth.
You have big white eyes and a long brown nose,
That covers your face indeed.
Your so soft when I hold you at night,
Or even snuggle with you at all.
And now I've brought you here for my friends to see,
That there's nothing wrong with you and me.
You may be called an Ugly Doll,
But your not ugly to me.
I really really like to snuggle with you at night,
But dude........


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on May. 31 2010 at 11:49 am

so cute!


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