New Foundland

January 30, 2009
By Rowan Griffin BRONZE, Scardsale, New York
Rowan Griffin BRONZE, Scardsale, New York
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I see within these eyes.

Something new
beyond the threshold,
I can see the letters
forming into words.
They make sense, not just
and I can see
no boundaries
just the fresh paths
of new beginnings.

A beginning is rough,
shaped by fears
and enduring hopes.

The outline of a portrait,
the colors just visible within
your mind.

But the chips are loose
on the surface
let them fall.

Yes, a beginning is rough,
but the nights of before
have no meaning now.

Now the colors
to stain
the page.

Tomorrow is brighter, and the downs
are farther away.

You can always take steps back,
it takes courage to move them forward
the fresh paths of
a beginning.

It is time to let go,
embrace this New Foundland.

This world moves too fast...
Taking it slow,
we can make

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in a time of great hope, and a time of many new people in my life. I hope to share some enthusiam from that hopeful and happy period.

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