Can I Just Have A Kiss?

January 30, 2009
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Off the compliments you're watering, thriving are my veins.
They grow from those beautiful lyrical lines.
I don't understand how you see,
A glow of light and perfect halo around me.
"Ms. Amazing" never gets old.
I'm called that, and he's got me sold.
I met you last year,
On Tuesdays, I'd see you my dear.
Of course those kids never pay attention,
At least tutoring is better than horrible detention.
I made you laugh all the time,
Now you're making me do this ridiculous rhyme.
I felt horrible when I hung up that day.
You make me wish I was a better person, wow thats cliche
I have friends who think you're gross.
Yet we have become so suddenly close
Of opinions, I wish I knew my own
I don't want to buy anyone elses, yet mine is unknown.
Zoolander, Danie, boom bang we talk so much!
Thanks for sticking with me, you're become my crutch
Does this mean I have a crush? What a surprise.
I wish you knew how wonderful you were in my eyes.
I'm not sure its a crush, but I have the urge to kiss you.
I'm scared stiff to see you again, if only you knew.
Awkard and silence are not a pleasure.
I do desire to be, your one and only treasure
Will you be my movie romance?
In your truck, will you ask me to slow dance?
I want you to say to my face, all you type.
Sing in my ear as you keep the veins ripe.
Kiss my forehead, surprise me with flowers at the door,
Because I am clearly all that you adore.
You're already better than the Grant, always better.
So here I am writing a poem letter by letter
Be my precious sweet little secret, because i love you Batterboy.
Here's my heart for the taking, to love or destroy.
[Though I'll never tell you any of this]
Can i just have a kiss?

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carrie18 said...
Feb. 13, 2009 at 3:29 am
Maeve!!! This is beautiful and you got published thats AWESOME!!!!
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