Struggling Man

January 29, 2009
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Why doesn't he understand
WHY doesn't he LISTEN?
To him
I'm just a body...
No thought, no opinion, no will
just a dark
field of obeyance;
No sun, No color, no vegetation--
of any kind.
THIS is what
he shows me...
Thw shadow of his heart,
his narrowing mind.
But deep in his soul,
a lost meadow, of wonderful color,
of sun, of grass,
trees of all kinds,
DWELLS...but does not prosper.
For his shadowed heart,
his narrowing mind,
RAIDS the colorful meadows
lost in his soul.
But all does not fall to shadow,
on rare occasion,
his lost meadow opens up--
and gives off LIFE,
that shines glorious light into this world.
But only an unreal glimmer,
for a moment
it remains...
then the light is
by the shadow
once more

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