January 29, 2009
By wolfblade SILVER, Mississauga, Other
wolfblade SILVER, Mississauga, Other
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You know,
how he grabs hold of your hand?
Takes you,
with him,
and you just feel,
so safe?
Tightening your grip,
you cuddle up,
notice yourself smiling,
and everything just seems,
so right?
That is the way,
I want to feel,
everytime he lets go.
Giving a smile,
not showing him,
how hurt I am.
Feelings are not something,
you can control.
The good and bad,
come and go.
Yet the marks,
always stay.
You want to erase the hurts,
of the past.
For you know,
even if the marks,
don not show,
they are still there.
There are many different feelings,
some of joy,
some of hate,
some of pure fear.
Feelings are outrageous,
and sometimes you hate them,
so much.
Yet at other times,
you have some that you love.
The first kiss he gave you,
how much both of you wanted it,
yet the disruptions wouldn't stop.
When it finally hit,
he left you wanting more,
left you with an addiction.
How he first tried,
to get on one knee.
How much you tried to run away,
to hide the redness,
that took over your face.
The good times,
are the times you will always treasure,
but the bad times,
are what you will remember.
Feelings hurt,
feelings make you happy.
They are somethign you cannot control,
something as free as the water in the river,
out your window.
As uncontained,
as the eagle soaring,
through the crude winds.
Feelings are yours,
but they are not something,
under your subjective.

The author's comments:
I am in love, with my Wesley =)


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