Heaven Bound

January 29, 2009
By BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
BORREGO PLATINUM, Sacramento, California
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Some say dreams can predict future events
And I ask myself the question: What will I be?
But that is an impossible question to answer
If the soul in my dreams is really me.

I punished the malevolent and the wicked
I slaughtered the goodly and pure of heart
I set the foundation for a mighty edifice
And then cackled as it fell apart.
I gave the poisoned soul the antidote
Once again making him healthy and lithe
Then injected new venom into him
Just to see him squirm and writhe.

I have spent time with my loving family
Then betrayed all of them for the company of a foe
I have played Cruel mind games with the foolish
And given help to those filled with woe.
I have frightfully hid away from combat
Too wrapped up in myself to protect or defend
I have stepped right into the line of fire
Taking bullets for my best friend.

I am a Divine Redwood, strong and steadfast on my mission
Planted firmly on the ground, I am on my way up towards the Source.
When Flame tries to thwart me, I only get stronger
Heaven assists me with incredible force.

I am a Fiendish Willow, disheartened by vicious tempests
Sown in this tainted field of clay, my bark is the darkest of sins.
My roots slither into the Earth, leaving Death in its wake
My soul is an empty shell where Hell begins.

Our souls cannot achieve either of the extremes mentioned.
People are never just Black or White.
There is Good and Evil in all of us.
We all have Gray Souls, and should seek out the Light.
Time for a change of pace
I can't conform and follow the same drumming
I must break away from the Dark
I promised I'd let the Sun in.

What will I be?
The answer still hasn't been found
I'll just try my best and pray
That one day I'll be Heaven Bound.

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