Hatred or Wrath

January 29, 2009
By Samuel BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Samuel BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Malicious truth and blistering glare
Sorrowful state and shadowed affair
Sightless seeing and wishes of dark divine
Hatred flows like poisonous wine.

From mourning breathe to spiteful disdain
From broken truth to sharp merciless rain
From endless loathing to oaths of discord
Hatred cuts soul like flesh to a sword.

Down from seething depths of burning respite
Drowning from waters of harrowing night
Rising from wounds of ages unrefined
Hatred opens one yet leaves one blind.

Depths of a morbid lightless sage
Solemnity of wandering enraptured rage
Purpose of redemption in quiet separation
Hatred is the lord of all desecration.

The author's comments:
Another one of my first pieces, indeed my first poetry I ever wrote several years ago. It was written when I was feeling particular enmity, and I enjoy it still.

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