January 29, 2009
By Elora Akins BRONZE, Kalispell, Montana
Elora Akins BRONZE, Kalispell, Montana
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Love is a different thing in life.
You get accepted then rejected.
Some people say they are in love,
But they don't know what love is.
Other people know what love is
and search for it all their life.
Then there is the one person who has found love
But been betrayed by love.
There is 2 different sides to every love story in life.
From your head, and from your heart.
Which one is right, which one is wrong?
A mystery in life not one person can solve.
Because when you are in love you can't turn away.
Do you trust your head, or your heart?
When in love nothing makes sense.
Your head says no, your heart says yes.
You can love him and give your heart away,
Get your heart broken and have no heart left.
So then you go through life, with no love, with no heart to give.
What to do if you can't turn away from him?
People will tell you to forget him and move on. All you will say is okay.
That is your head talking not your heart.
Do you listen to your heart through life or listen to your head?
Sometimes they both agree and sometimes they disagree.
When your head and heart disagree it is love...nothing else.
The most precious thing in life to embrace.
Love is difficult and challenging but that is what is meant in life...

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