Day of Freedom

January 29, 2009
By lve290 BRONZE, Stokesdale, North Carolina
lve290 BRONZE, Stokesdale, North Carolina
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Day of Freedom

It wasn't easy on that July day
For those men to stand up
And have a say

It was an opportunity they didn't miss

To stand up and stand out
Though their lives were at risk

What must have gone through their minds
On that hot July day
They knew it was here, they knew it was time

Oppressed under tyranny, they were through
Adams, Jefferson, Franklin,
To mention a few

They protected others by taking a stand
Not just their own lives
But also their land

What a valuable lesson they have taught us
To live by conviction
Then fight we must

Our battles may differ none the less
Physical, spiritual, mental,
Yet what we do is the great test

The courage shown through
Their hope made bright
Their strength renewed

To fight for the colors of red, white and blue
Yes, it will take courage
But we are called to live for truth

We are free today because of brave souls
Whose stories indeed,
Will forever be told

The author's comments:
I truly am proud to be an American. The blessings and opportunities that we are given in this country, are so unique! I wrote this poem on the Fourth of July, as I was imagining what those brave souls who were willing to sacrifice their homes, jobs, and even lives--all for the sake of freedom.

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