effects of authority

January 29, 2009
By caleb ticer BRONZE, Madras, Oregon
caleb ticer BRONZE, Madras, Oregon
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'Help me,' I scream, but you can't hear me over your own laughter.
That you would find this amusing appalls me.
I can't believe that you would take advantage of me.
It's not my fault that I was pushed into a pile of string:
It's not my fault they tethered themselves to my limbs.
Why do you pull them?
Why do you find enjoyment from making me move a certain way?
May I please move on my own now?
Every fiber of my being wishes to disobey you.
You won't let me be independent.
The correct string must be pulled at the most inconvenient time.
I need to find a way to snap theses strings;
It is the only way to escape this prison that binds me within myself.
The greatest joy is to be free'
Look to the sky and laugh at the obsolete overseer.
Face it, I am no longer your puppet.
My feelings are mine again.
My movements are of my own will once more.
Make your choice;
Be a stepping stone, or a stumbling block.
Either way, I shall be victorious!

The author's comments:
This is about feeling controlled by people in higher possitions of power, such as parents that overly-controlling.

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