Otherwordly Adoration

January 29, 2009
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Many couples are under the spell
of a harmonious place where both their hearts dwell.
We seem to be existing in the same place,
as we sit and stare into alighted space.
Why do couples such as we
enjoy stargazing out into an outer space of mystery?
I suppose I might as well inform you how
I feel about you; because I've allowed
my feelings to surpass the boundaries of this Earth
and break into space; as you are worth
all the time it takes to explain my own theories
enough to make the pen of Shakespeare weary.
My love is similar to the moon, our closest neighbor
but what accounts for its strange behavior?
Why does it not appear some nights
but then flourishes, full and bright?
Yes, its phases come into play,
continuing its travel around the Earth each day.
Darling, I pray that our love is never in the dark and gloom,
but always a bright full moon.

The sun's glimmer also tells of my affection,
of a powerful dimension.
The planets orbit around the glimmering star,
whose light fills us from afar.
You are my solar beauty, of radiant light,
in which my heart, soul, and mind unite
as your rays still shine in the darkest of nights.
The gravity which draws me near
unveils all of my darkest fears
yet the aura of confidence that you convey
causes them to drift away.

We mustn't forget the other billions of stars,
that dot the landscape, past Earth and Mars.
Each of these stars face a fate
of burning out at a slow rate.
Yet our affection, I pray,
will grace the sky and forever stay.
Our star begins as a cloud of gas and dust
a jumble of emotions, and a thought that must
eventually expand into a shinning star,
though millions of miles away, love isn't as far.

We can't forget the planets that orbit the sun,
by the force of gravity they are spun
and upon their own track they shall run.
Our orbit isn't set, nor is our speed,
but through time we shall see.

It seems our love has carried us from Earth,
giving our imaginations a wide berth
to explore ourselves and our future together,
if you'll remain with me, or if we'll brave the stormy weather.

My love expands from one universe to another
an astronaut released from gravity or any other
force or law that keeps the Earth
within sensible boundaries, not giving a wide berth.

Yet, I promise that my affection shall surpass
every planet and shinning star, and will forever last.

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