helping society, one teardrop at a time.

January 29, 2009
By christine martin BRONZE, Windham, Ohio
christine martin BRONZE, Windham, Ohio
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Call it a national disaster,
even a threat to society-
This free world falling apart,
and were all just so lazy.

So they'll just pretend to fix it,
and whisper a few sorry things,
and they'll make it all better,
like duct tape fixes broken wings.

Since walking is curing cancer,
and feeling sorry destroys aids.
Riding a bike is being a hero,
and singing songs gives you a name.

Lets put a sticker on the back of our car,
and make our children eat their vegetables.
becuase saying "support the troops" helps the war,
and eating more feeds the hungry people.

Complaining is making the world a better place,
and crying about it helps the starving children.
Paying taxes is doing more than enough,
So why is this world yet perfect?

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