Dancing Into Love

January 29, 2009
By Megan Kibler SILVER, East Springfield, Pennsylvania
Megan Kibler SILVER, East Springfield, Pennsylvania
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Her blazing red hair is aflame with his passionate gaze
as his hands twirl her about the stage'
pulsing with bright light that blinds the senses-except one
although its function has just begun.
His arms press her against his trembling heart
as she wonders if his mind shall start
to wish they'd never be apart.
She glides across his heartstrings
to see what curiosity brings.
Her muscles perform flawlessly as he catches her each time
performing without effort, yet her heart is in a bind.
For the wedding band around her ring finger
has made a disheartening promise that shall linger.
Her mind is muddled in a murky, dark pool
as creatures emerge from the depths and proclaim her a fool.
They chant: 'your desire, however hidden,
is entirely forbidden.'
For in the audience observes a watchful eye,
and unto him her future lies.
He sits, stroking his moustache,
is her fianc', his actions unattractively brash.
He who swims in gold and glory
yet his interests are another story'
His fleshy figure and personality
are too enriched in a reality
of money, stocks, and loans,
but soon she will be his own.
Her mother never understood her passion
for dancing, and now she shall ration
the very thing that sets her daughter right
as a displeasing rich fianc' has been given in spite.
The sweet violin music has settled around them,
as melodic splendor tugs at the hem
of her dress and entrances her feet
to carry her gracefully across the beat.
Yet a decrescendo halts them at last
for the dance is slowly dying and time has past.
For this time in his arms shall be the finish
to their long relationship that will diminish.
His hazel eyes beseech her face
for in her gaze is sensed a trace
of her knowledge that they shall no longer dance into love,
yet her match is an ill-fitting glove.

The author's comments:
This is for the Teen Ink love poetry contest...please approve this as soon as possible so I can post the link! Thank you.

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