Love of Melody

January 29, 2009
By Megan Kibler SILVER, East Springfield, Pennsylvania
Megan Kibler SILVER, East Springfield, Pennsylvania
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The night club pulsed with energy untamed,
as I played my usual game
of claiming I was a wealthy man,
gullible women seizing my hand.
Until the first dance was about to begin,
as I wondered, who shall I take for a spin?
At that moment, a woman made her way onto the stage
and began to melodically play, leaving me amazed.
Her fingers moved as naturally as ripples brewing in a stream,
upon that guitar smooth as cream.
I stood, completely mesmerized,
by the melodies she comprised.
she wore a white dress, very plain,
but the look in her crystal eyes was to blame.
I felt as a statue would, my gaze completely transfixed
was this beauty a magician's trick?
Then the most miraculous thing occurred'
my heartstrings can be reassured
She opened her mouth and began to sing,
as if Heaven's bells had begun to ring.
The simple notes left me stranded on cloud nine,
then I knew she had to be mine'
Yes, I uttered my very own song,
to the tune she did belong.
'My Melody,
sweet beat Melody
ever since I saw you, though
my life has hit crescendo, oh!
Your heart must be a music box and I am the key
my Melody,
sweet beat Melody.'
These words, the most truthful I had uttered the entire night,
upon my heart honesty began to alight.
At the end of her angelic song,
my heart seemed to sing along.
I raced to the back of the stage, my future bright as the coming dawn,
if only I could be her trustworthy pawn.
Until I realized, a burden on my heart,
that she was already gone, my fantasy torn apart.
I whistled my tune right out of the door'
I knew listening to her melodies would be no more.
Here I am now, still wondering, had it been
the woman I fell in love with or her melodies, where was I to begin?
Though in whatever state I may exist,
my heart may be calmed and transfixed
listening to the chorus my Melody left in me,
for within my soul she created harmony.

The author's comments:
This is for the Teen Ink love poetry contest

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