January 29, 2009
By Deborah Batey BRONZE, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Deborah Batey BRONZE, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
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Broken Hearted
It takes heart and soul to make someone whole,
The why is high, the pain it dies,
It steams you up, it pulls you down,
The daring pain it gives you a foul.
How can you live with knowing he's a cheat?

He is a foul, he takes you down,
He hurts your guts,
He ties you up in knots,
He's the sound of nails on the blackboard.
He makes you cry, he breaks your heart.

It makes your heart black and your blood black.
It makes him happy to know that fact.
That was his plan. It hurts you more to know that
He is the venomous viper on your back.
To hold you back he lies, he steals.

He is your anger growing inside of you.
Then you explode in his face and beat him up more and more.
Heart, gushing pain. It's like a bullet in the heart.
At first instant your guts twisting and turning
When you think about him.

You feel like throwing up, choking on your throat
You are in total pain and anger.
You wish you could cut his throat, cut off his legs and arms.
You hate him with anger, hate more than ever
He is the nightmare you never wanted.

To see him is a mistake in life itself.
He is the screaming, hollering and yelling.
He is the fight in every minute.
He is the cop siren, driving you insane.
He is your fear

He is the deer you hit with the car on the road.
He is the burning, screaming in your heart'

The author's comments:
I am an eighth grader who likes to write poetry. My favorite color is black. My teacher liked my poem and wanted me to try to get it published. This is it. It took me about three days off and on to write this.

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