Temptations of Consumption

January 29, 2009
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I want to pull you
onto my lap
and warm your frozen ears
and be your Mother
and be your god.

I must apologize.
We should not be overcome
or flail
as the seas part.
I cannot.

I will
whisper to you
and dissuade you from
The Jump
hang you out to dry
for your own good
Hear you
through the night '
that aptly timed
till you can
stand again
and count your rings.

Your eyes will burn,
but my presence will cool them.
And all at once
you will forget your talons,
unable to remember
the thorns on your neck,
and want to melt
into me
As the sun does to the sea.

I must apologize.
You hiccup for me '
Trapped in your throat.
But I cannot.

I am afraid
that I'm possessed
by a Miracle.
My disposition
floats like a
Still 'Green leaf on
Tranquil waters.
My blade thin legs
Grow longer still.
I raise my brow
In Hunger.

In the process of becoming

I must apologize
For every pregnant
For my oblivion.
I simply cannot.

The years have made me
Too much
like the inedible moon
You might gag.

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