I'd Jump.

January 30, 2009
By Moonchild. SILVER, McConnelsville, Ohio
Moonchild. SILVER, McConnelsville, Ohio
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You make me smile,
You make me cry.
All the while,
I will try.

Anything, I'll do anything for you,
You name your price, I'll pay in an instant.
Without you, I could not get through,
I will do anything, anything you want.

I'll live for you,
I'll die for you.
Hey I'll even kill for you.
Just tell me what you want me to do.

[[chorus]] I will walk, I will climb
I will stretch, feel it all
And when you say, it's finally time
I will follow you, I will fall
Baby I'd do anything that you ask me too
Yeah honey I'd even [jump] for you

It's an addiction I refuse to end
I need you more everyday
On you I completely depend
You light my way

Don't leave me, I'll follow
Don't tell me, I'll execute
Don't hurt me, I'll know
Can't you see, the point is moot?


And I stay here, I survive
Each day with you, perfect
You are why I'm alive
Baby you're my equal fit
I'll never know a day the same
As that when I called out your name


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